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The COVID-19 Pandemic has had a significant impact on all live event venues, entertainment and artist. With no immediate end in sight, live venues and live events will likely be the last industry to resume "normal" operations. We are working as fast as possible to reschedule our concerts and events to ensure all of our guest feel safe. As you can image, operational expenses to maintain a 100-year old historical theatre is astronomical. We understand all of our guests concerns both in regards to safety and financial concerns. Previously, in the Olde Walkeville Theatre's history (as a night club, bingo hall, Tivoli, etc.) the theatre was forced to close due to financial concerns and loss of funding/support. We are committed to NOT become another statistic and not to close our doors to the community. 

We are asking for all of our supporters to continue to support us in these difficult times, and look forward to a spectacular and entertaining event lineup in our future. In order to ensure we can keep our doors open, we are not able to provide refunds for the tickets that have been previously sold. Refunds will only be issued for events that are cancelled and only if requested. 



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